Salta is a city in northwestern Argentina and the capital city of the eponymous province situated at the foothills of the Andes mountains.
It has more than 464,000 inhabitants as of the 2001 census, making it Argentina's 8th largest city. The city is located in the Lerma Valley, 1,152 meters above sea level. The weather is warm and dry, with annual averages of 756 mm of rainfall and an average temperature of 16.4 °C(20.4 °C in summer, 10.8 °C in winter). January and February are the months with greatest rainfall. During the spring, Salta is occasionally plagued by severe, week long dust storms.
Nicknamed Salta la Linda ("Salta the Beautiful"), it is a tourist destination in part due to its architectural attractions, such as the 18th century Cabildo, the Cathedral, and the Plaza 9 de Julio city park. It has also a number of museums, including the Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña, which houses the bodies of 3 Inca children found frozen at the summit of Mount Llullaillaco. Salta is also the starting point of the "Train to the Clouds" (Tren a las nubes), and on the way to red-soiled Cafayate, as well as to other nearby tourist destinations.
The Martín Miguel de Güemes Airport(IATA: SLA, ICAO: SASA), at coordinates 24°51′S, 65°29′W, 6 kilometres southeast of the city, has regular flights to Buenos Aires, Tucumán, Jujuy, Córdoba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).


Patagonia School is in the center of Salta, just 5 minutes from the terminal bus and five blocks from the Cathedral.

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Train to the Clouds - Northwestern Argentina Salta

The most amazing train of the world, the one that goes to the clouds, ascends up to 4200 metres and travels 217 kilometres. Salta in very well known all over the world for this triumph of engineering directed by Richard Fontaine Maury. Nineteen tunnels, twenty-nine bridges, nine sheds are the main colossal works this clever engineer imagined to travel over the Andes. The Train is an unique excursion that leaves from the central station in Salta - 1187 metres above the sea level- and reaches the viaduct La Polvorilla, 4200 metres above the sea level. The fist station is Alvarado, then Rosario de Lerma, Campo Quijano, Quebrada del toro, Alisal, Puerta de Tastil, Diego de Almagro, Cachinal and, finally, San Antonio de los Cobres. During the trip, that takes fifteen hours, the train "flies" over thirteen viaducts and iron bridges.


Cafayate, placed in the centre of the Calchaquí valleys in the province of Salta, is internationally known for the quality of its wines and its beauty. Undoubtedly, the charm of this important city is fully appreciated when walking its streets, admiring the matchless architecture of its Cathedral, the wooded and flowery square, the old stone mill, and the museums filled with history and tradition. Nature is present in the outstanding waterfalls of River Colorado, in the inviting sunsets of Santa Teresita Hill, in the white sand of Los Médanos and in the unforgettable Cafayate Canyon o Río de las Conchas, with their peculiar shapes and colours. Cafayate has high-quality hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafeterias.
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